Blogging Like Cray, and Running With It

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Maybe it was the lazy developer in me, but I wanted everything to be perfect before I started writing. I wanted the slickest site out there and I wanted to be all done form scratch. All the cool kids were doing it, so why shouldn’t I? I know it was a great thing to do, but I didn’t know how I was going to go about actually doing it.

I’ve quickly learned this was very unrealistic, I have thoughts now and I don’t wait until things are “perfect” for me to start sharing them. I also remember thinking, “I’m a developer, what could I possibly talk about that the hundreds of awesome web design blogs weren’t talking about already?” So like most things you do when you first starting off and overwhelmed by the world you’re now in, I procrastinated and put it off.

When I got the opportunity to write for my agency SPARK’s blog site, I was excited to jump on the opportunity to do so. Not only did I now have a platform to talk about what I was was interested in, I was also able to learn form other writers and see their different points of view. It also one of my first attempts to figure out how to properly plan and structure meaningful content on a bigger scale.

SPARK's Blog Site

Just Start Already

I’ve continued to write and find things to talk about whatever they may be. You already know what you want to blog about, you just have to sit back and think about what you already know how to do and like and turn that into inspiration.

I’ve embraced both Medium and Tumblr as outlets to share and connect with others.Over time,you’ll also start to understand your platforms and your audience better each day. For each platform you use, you’ll start to realize and see patterns of different types of audiences and what things they like, need help with and would like to know about. A lot of it is also taking time to listen to what they say about what you have to say as well.



You’re not a good writer… yet

The point I wanted to drive across is that. Just like everything else you want to be good at, it takes time. I’m reminded of a great quote I heard a while back from that always stuck with me and makes even more sense to me now.

“It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.” — Rei Inamoto

So my friends, start writing.

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