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Niche is a design agency based in Texas helping brands find their place to thrive. Their site has seen several redesigns over the last few months but this design has been the most pleasing and impressive in my opinion.


The colors work together to highlight key areas of the site, without competing against the content on the page. The combination of type and imagery gives the site a good vibe. You can tell the photos and illustration selected were chosen carefully. Clear call to actions keeps the user engaged and ready to dig into the rest of the content on the site.


The code used for the site is pretty straight forward. The site is based on a WordPress theme tailored to the agency’s needs. Performance wise, the overall load time for both the homepage and internal pages are about 3 seconds which isn’t bad at all. CSS is very organized and more than likely implemented using Sass. It’s very easy to link elements back to their classes so you know what’s going in the code.

They’ve implemented Sidr for the alternate navigation on the right which works well with the overall layout. They implement a separate JS script to handle the toggling of the menu bar. Response time for the menu was a little bit slow to me but the script is vanilla enough to optimize for a performance increase.

Very nice job. You can check out their site here at: http://helloniche.com/

Niche Creative

Niche Creative

Niche Creative

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