All This “Conference Talk”

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The web and my Twitter feed has been blowing up due to some recent conference controversy that I’m not going to even begin to get into due to my depth of knowledge of the real situation. However, the most I can do is share my initial thoughts.

I’m not a veteran, I’ve spoken at handful of conferences, panels and groups of passionate people, but I’m far from thinking of it as a way to make money. It makes sense to since I’m spending time prepping for talks which takes up some time from potential paid work. But last time I checked, when I picked up a pen to write or to start typing on a keyboard it was not about money.

Maybe I feel that I have something to prove to myself, to the industry or my peers, maybe I should start thinking about how to get paid for sharing my thoughts instead of using these events as a tool to better understand what I do. Maybe it shouldn’t be about me going the extra mile (sometimes literally) to be a better communicator and to make change. Where I’m from there’s not a lot of that going around and God knows where I’m from needs something to uplift the generations coming after me.

The only thing on my mind is that I want to contribute to the community that has given me so much. With that being said, it’s the responsibility of those who organize events for our community to not take advantage of any given situation where a contributor, whether a speaker or host for a workshop doesn’t get burnt trying to do what we love to do.

One day, I’ll probably get to the point where I’ll have to start taking into consideration the compensation for my contributions, but until then, when I speak, when I write and when I code, I’m doing it to give back and move the web and my country forward.

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