About Travis Miller

The feeling of knowing you can take an idea and make it into something real always interested me. Coming from a family of technicians, I became fascinated with anything I can take apart and put back together. When I discovered the web, I fell deeper in love.

Fast forwarding a few years, I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, and dived deeper into the web as a developer. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with, agencies, startups and entrepreneurs of all kinds to create digital projects. I enjoy bringing their creative ideas to live and using what we build together to reach people near and far and connect on a deeper level.

There’s more to web design and development than the pixels and code that makes it and this site is a little about me, some of my work and my thoughts and experiences along the way. I want to share my learnings with you and this corner of the internet is dedicated to doing so. Explore, share and connect!