Hola, Solo

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The time finally came. After a few months playing the waiting game, the dreaded email popped up in my inbox. To say I was surprised at the outcome wouldn’t be completely true. We went into this knowing that there was a risk that it wouldn’t go through and we somewhat planned accordingly. We applied, followed […]

All This “Conference Talk”

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The web and my Twitter feed has been blowing up due to some recent conference controversy that I’m not going to even begin to get into due to my depth of knowledge of the real situation. However, the most I can do is share my initial thoughts. I’m not a veteran, I’ve spoken at handful […]

Featured in Offscreen Magazine

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Offscreen Magazine is a print-only industry magazine that features designer and developers for the web across the world. As soon as I read it I wanted to find out how I could contribute to it. I finally was presented with the opportunity to be a part of a special feature in the magazine that highlights […]

Featured in .net Magazine

.net Magazine is an industry staple magazine for all those inspired by the web. When I approached to be a part of a design challenge for ,net magazine I thought it was a dream. I connected with the magazine and he gave me a brief that revolved around making a design for a festival website. […]

Quick Thought on Niche Creative

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Niche is a design agency based in Texas helping brands find their place to thrive. Their site has seen several redesigns over the last few months but this design has been the most pleasing and impressive in my opinion. Design The colors work together to highlight key areas of the site, without competing against the […]

How To Approach A Developer

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A Few Etiquette Lessons for Startups and Entrepreneurs As I’m about to go on StartupBus for a second year in a row, I can’t help but think of all the experiences I’ve had with the startup culture. I’m fortunate to have had the opportunities to really get involve in the tech community since then and […]

Learning Habits

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A Peek Into Some Daily Routines That Level Me Up In our industry, we’re blessed with the gift and curse of continuous learning. There are a few resources and tricks I’ve picked up along the way that helped me learned a lot about the craft. I’ve decided to touch on just a little portion of […]

Be The Conference

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What I’ve Learned About Helping Out Whenever I Can Conferences are hot for designers and developers nowadays. I’ll admit I got caught with the bug as well, but obviously for good reason. Conferences are awesome venues for connecting with others and sharing experiences with people who are passionate about the same things you are. A […]

Method: Dynamic Scroll Icon

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This neat little navigation tool caught my eye when I visited terminalplanning.aero For basic versions, we’ve seen these back-to-top widgets as we scroll down the page and when we click on them they take us straight back to the top. This script however has a very different behavior. As soon as you start scrolling, a […]

Scrolling Progress Bar on Fixed Header

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Came across this gem on the 19daysofjapan.com website. If you look closely at the top of the header of the page, you’ve see a a small red line. As you scroll down it grows from left to right. You guessed it, a progress bar. Thought this was clever so I popped the hood to take […]