Blogging Like Cray, and Running With It

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Maybe it was the lazy developer in me, but I wanted everything to be perfect before I started writing. I wanted the slickest site out there and I wanted to be all done form scratch. All the cool kids were doing it, so why shouldn’t I? I know it was a great thing to do, […]

Dos of Documentation

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Documentation can seem like the less attractive part of what we do on a day-to-day basis, but it still stands as one of the most important part of our process as good developers. When I was still in college, I got my first internship opportunity in the states at an HR Information Systems company that […]

Feeling Good About Refactoring

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The Problem Don’t lie; you’ve gotten through a prototype or a phase 1 iteration of a project, but as soon as you have to revisit the project to refactor some code you’d rather find something else to do or start something new. Stop it. As unattractive as hacking out code for a few hours and […]

Building Your Tools

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Being a passionate developer to me means getting a drive from the ability to create sophisticated products from a blank page and a few lines of code. I’ve reached the point in my professional growth where I realize it is not only important to build awesome and functional products, but it is also important to […]

Guest On Shop Talk Show Live

Shoptalk Show is a podcast about front end web design, development and UX. A few weeks after Front End Design Conference. I was invited on an episode with Chris Coyer and Dave Rupert. To this day the show was cray and one of the best experiences of my life. You can listen to the episode […]

Hip Hop & The Web: How A Culture Can Define A Process

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As a creator of the web, there are two things I am constantly thinking of: finding things that inspire me and also perfecting my workflow. That inspiration might be a new tool, framework or technique to use in a project. Above all I’m always trying to define a process that I can use to effectively […]

Doing It Right: Process Admist Chaos

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It can be so easy to get caught up in the urgency of a project. We work in an industry where, in order to stay competitive, we must come up with the best ideas and come up with them before they are irrelevant. Because technology often moves faster than production. The speed of advertising can […]

Tips for Great Mobile App Design

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Today, Mobile Application Development is in hot demand. With thousands of resources and developers out there, it can be hard to find one place to start when considering the development of your app. Here are a few key tips that I recommend you consider throughout the design and development process:   Plan Your Strategy Before […]