Hola, Solo

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The time finally came. After a few months playing the waiting game, the dreaded email popped up in my inbox. To say I was surprised at the outcome wouldn’t be completely true. We went into this knowing that there was a risk that it wouldn’t go through and we somewhat planned accordingly. We applied, followed […]

All This “Conference Talk”

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The web and my Twitter feed has been blowing up due to some recent conference controversy that I’m not going to even begin to get into due to my depth of knowledge of the real situation. However, the most I can do is share my initial thoughts. I’m not a veteran, I’ve spoken at handful […]

Quick Thought on Niche Creative

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Niche is a design agency based in Texas helping brands find their place to thrive. Their site has seen several redesigns over the last few months but this design has been the most pleasing and impressive in my opinion. Design The colors work together to highlight key areas of the site, without competing against the […]