Colette & Xavier is a wedding website I developed for my cousin and her fiancée. This was my first wedding website, so I enjoyed coming up with the design’s look and feel from the ground up. Exploring new possibilities with different typefaces and the palette used for the site, I wanted the project to have a narrative of the relationship between the couple while still functional and accessible across all platforms to allow ease of use to all participants leading up to the wedding.

Outside of web development technologies I’ve picked up some new techniques in using tools like Google Drive to get faster feedback and iteration on designs that let up to the final product. The logo was designed in collaboration with Stevette Knowles of Cre8ive Sites and photography was done by Zakina Ogbourne.


  • HTML / CSS (Sass)
  • PHP
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • Grunt Libraries


Colette & Xavier

Colette & Xavier Colette & Xavier

Colette & Xavier

a few good words

When it came time to have a wedding website made, I didn’t think twice about asking Travis. I have always admired his work and his dedication and was happy that I was finally able to put his skills to use. While working on the site, he asked my opinion about things he did and changes he made every step of the way and I loved that. I showed him things I liked and he took that and ran with it and made it look even better than I pictured. Travis is truly a professional and I am honored to have been his first shot at wedding websites.

- Colette Hanna