Share A Little Sunshine is a marketing initiative lead by Visit Florida that offers residents online tools to encourage friends and family to come visit The Sunshine State.

Through SPARK, I was lucky enough to build a micro site for their “Bragging Season” campaign they had activated for the winter season. The site has multimedia support for images and videos that users interacted with to explore and share through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  Fitting in a responsive design, the site also featured an aggregator feed created by Tintup to give users deeper access to content shared by Visit Florida. The site allowed me to explore optimization techniques using tools like Grunt for file aggregation and also allowed me to diving deeper into APIs from Facebook, Twitter and Bitly.


  • HTML / CSS (Sass)
  • MySQL / PHP
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • 3rd Party APIs (Facebook, Twitter and Bit.ly)
  • Grunt

Share A Little Sunshine Share A Little Sunshine Share A Little Sunshine

Share A Little Sunshine